Faat Blog #3 Sensory Evaluation

Homemade peach jam with a hint of habanero!

My chosen food to evaluate: Homemade peach jam with habanero

For my sensory evaluation I have chosen to go with homemade jam, though not a new dish for me it is one that I do not frequent as I much prefer my toast with just Nutella or peanut butter. Furthermore this is the first time that I had made jam on my way, as with my other ventures into food preparation I was surprised by how easy it was to make and on top of it all it tasted great.

Why didn’t you choose a new food!?

Truth be told finding a new food where I am currently located (Singhampton, Ontario!) is quite difficult, on top of that I considered myself quite the foodie and in terms of food there aren’t many stones left unturned in regards to “new” foods for me at least in the general category of food

Sensory Evaluation

The jam was a mild level of chunkiness. (my favorite style of jam)

The jam mainly appealed to the sweet category of taste with hints of saltiness and bitterness from the cooking process, and though I would highlight on top of that it was quite spicy that technically does not fall under any of the basic tastes as the heat sensation from foods like peppers doesn’t come from any combination of the 5 basic tastes but is rather a reaction to the chemical properties in the food.

The jam was created with 3 basic ingredients, peaches, sugar, habanero peppers and salt, the most prominent of the two being the combination of the sugar and peaches, as is the case with all fruit jams the dominate taste was the sweetness.

Though not overwhelmingly sour, the jam did display some tartness, what I assume is a result of the acid content of the peaches, though being that this is fresh jam, and the fruit used is low in acidity this taste was only mild, if noticeable at all.

My reference when evaluating flavor, a great tool and one I would highly recommend.

Taste- Creamy fruity as a result of the peaches and sugar with mild spice from the habanero peppers incorporated into the blend, additionally, I tasted a rich tanginess which I’m guessing is a result of the synergy from the peaches and peppers.

Smell-Overly peachy (well obviously!) with notes of a hot pepper smell.

Sight- Lighter yellowy orange once spread and darker orange when unmixed in the mason jar as a result of the orange habaneros combined with the peaches.

Hearing-Nothing like the sound of spreading jam of a good consistency! Well actually, it did have an odd ASMR like effect on me (as odd as that sounds)

Touch- Well blended jam, easily spreadable and sits on the finger well without spilling over, thanks to my inhouse jam making master for the assistance (yeah, that’s my mom)

Overall this was defiantly the best jam I’ve ever tasted, previous to this recipe I had never tried homemade jam as growing up my diet was quite regimented for martial arts and I avoided sugar wherever I could, glad I’ve chosen to live a more balanced lifestyle in my adult years. The jam had a similar consistency to the store-bought jams I have tried throughout the years but it had a much fresher, creamier and sweeter taste as well as the joy of the added peppers (I love spicy food)

This was a unique experience for me and one I hope to take lessons from in the future when I make jams on my own, and the best thing about making things from scratch is that every batch is unique from the other!

I prepared myself another serving of the jam in the middle of writing this blog.

Reflection- Overall I learned a great deal from this assignment, prior to this I had no idea there so many metrics used in doing a sensory evaluation and there were so many words to choose from in the text reading for describing food that at times I thought I had my face stuffed into a dictionary.

I enjoyed the jam a lot and am going to drop my anti-jam stance moving forward as it’s simply too delicious a topping to ignore, I will most certainly eat it again and now that I know how easy the process of making the jam is there is no barriers in my mind to prevent from doing so.

I particularly enjoyed the food as I have a sweet tooth and palate that craves anything spicy, I would not have changed anything about the jam this time though in the future I will mix up the spices and secondary flavorings I use.

Moving forward with the knowledge I have acquire from this assignment I hope to be better at evaluating the aspects of the food prepared at home and at the restaurants I work and I’ll be sure to be smug when teaching my friends about the various aspects of sensory evaluation in regards to food.